7 Rituals for the Samhain Season

October 23, 2019

7 Rituals for the Samhain Season

Samhain is our favorite Sabbat here at Wild Witchery and we've compiled 7 Rituals you can easily incorporate into your Samhain Celebrations!

  1. Recall stories and Memories of your Deceased Loved Ones

Sit down in your sacred space one night and reflect on your ancestors. Write down memories you have of them or stories you have heard about them. I usually take pages from my journal or Book of Shadow and write about each ancestor as much as I can personally remember about them, or stories I have heard from family members about them. You can keep these memories in a jar or box until Samhain. On Samhain share the stories a loud and say a few words to your loved ones. Burn the stories in your Samhain fire, or set them a light with our Samhain Candle, just be sure you have a container ready to let them burn in!

  1. Build a Samhain Altar

This may seem obvious but Altars are a GREAT focal point for your spiritual practice and I like to change mine up for every Sabbat and Season. Here are some ideas for items you can place on your Altar:

  1. Set Intentions for the Winter/New Year

  Samhain was when the Celts began their New Year and is today known in modern Paganism as the Witches New Year. Take some time to write out your intentions for the New Year or even just the winter. Winter is a time of rest, inward journeys and self-reflection so goals of that nature are appropriate. 

  • Candle
  • Paper & writing utensil
  • Perfume or Anointing Oil (SamhainHexe, or Helheim work well for this)

Dress your candle with the oil, anoint yourself, even dab your paper with some oil. Write you intention and spend some time meditating on your goals and burn the paper in the candle flame. Bury the ashes in the eastern portion of your yard or even in a potted plant in the eastern portion of your house.

  1. Create Jack o’ Lantern Guardians

 In old Irish Lore, Turnips were carved with terrifying faces to not only keep roaming spirits from entering the home, but also to light the way through the night for those spirits. When Irish immigrants came to America, Pumpkins were much more plentiful than turnips and took their place. Create Jack o’ lantern Guardians for this Samhain season and leave them to guard the front of your home. If you can, leave a candle or LED light lit in them all through the nights.

  • Carve your pumpkin with an intimidating face
  • Place it outside your home if you can, anoint with one of our Samhain Season Perfumes such as Sciath or Samhain and charge them with their duty:

 “May the Light of this lantern Keep away

   Those spirits who would wish us ill and 

   Light the way for those Ancestors who would

   Visit us this Samhain Season”     

  1. Make a Large Samhain Meal and Hold a Dumb Supper.
  • Samhain was likely one of the last times the Tribes and Clans of Ireland and the British Isles could travel and hold gathering before the Winter set in. Feasts were an obligatory part of these gatherings. Hold your own Samhain Feast and leave a setting at your table for any ancestors who might join you. Traditional Foods of Samhain include Pork, apples, Potatoes, gourds and squashes, breads & Cider
  1. Have a Witchy Bathing Ritual
  • Bathing Rituals are an easy way to make Magick and also connect to seasonal cycles. Try our Witches Cauldron Ogham Bath Bomb, This Liminal period of time is perfect for peering into the future, each one contains an Ogham so you can get a glimpse into what the New Year holds for you.


  1. Hold a Bonfire
  • On Samhain cattle bones were often burned and the word ‘bonfire’ is usually attributed as a corruption of ‘bonefire’. Samhain is itself a fire festival, so if you’re able light a fire! Put on some festive music and dance with the spirits through the night….

May Your Samhain be Dark & Blessed Wild Ones

Lila & Mina 

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