How to make the most of the Full Moon's Magick

July 13, 2016 2 Comments

How to make the most of the Full Moon's Magick

The Full Moon is often considered to be the most powerful and Magickal time of the month. But I often find that most people are not quite sure what type of workings are best for the Full Moon, or how the Full Moon affects them and how they can make the most of the Full Moon.

The Moon is astronomically Full at a specific time – but we can tap into her energy for three days. The day prior to the full moon, the day of, and the day following. This gives you a nice window to plan and do a ritual if you choose.

The Full Moon is our last opportunity for the month to do any magick related to the intentions we set at the Noumenia (New Moon). Here she is at the peak of her power and we are able to draw from the fullness of her well. If you had set intentions to manifest Abundance, Prosperity, Love, Healing or anything of the sort, the Full Moon is when you should complete any other magickal workings towards those goals.

The Full Moon is also about completion & endings. As the full Moon is the completion of the Moon’s journey in the night sky, so too we should complete or end what is necessary in our lives. The Fullness of the moon is a perfect time to do rituals and meditations for ending relationships, habits or behaviors- and continue those workings through the waning of the moon.

In addition to doing any Magickal workings I make the three days of the Full Moon a sacred time. I create a Full Moon Altar with corresponding colors, stones and tools. I dress it in a white altar cloth, switch out my everyday candles for my Full Moon Candle. I collect my moonstones and other stones I choose to work with during the Full moon such as Spirit Quartz and Dalmatian Jasper. I break out my Chalice and place that there as well. I will anoint with my Full Moon perfume & meditate every evening during the three days of the Full Moon at this altar, reflecting on the events and intentions that have come to pass since the last Full Moon and Noumenia, making sure to be gracious and give Thanks to the Gods/Universe for those things.

You can also put your stones out in the moonlight for an extra boost of energy, I certainly do! Also make some moon water. I’ll put out a Gallon of water to charge under the moon and use that for the next month to make my tea with, tea made with moon water is incredible! Trust me. You can charge anything by the moonlight- water, tinctures, alcohol, teas, salves, stones, candles, tools etc….it will certainly increase the vibration of those things!

Don’t expect to get restful sleep during the Full Moon. Some people have more of an issue with this than others, if you find yourself restless USE that energy! Complete projects, books, crafts-anything you may have left to finish. Perhaps it’s a push to stay up late and get some meditation or ritual in, or some reading geared towards your spiritual path. People can also be moodier during this time – human are 60% water, just as the moon controls the tides so does she influence the ebb and flow of our water laden bodies and the emotions tied to them. Give yourself space. I will smudge myself every morning and every evening, and take care to do some grounding and centering to let the excess emotion present in myself and what I pick up from others, drain away.  Did you know the very term “Luna-cy” is derived from the Latin word ‘Luna’ meaning moon? Even the ancients observed how the moon can affect one’s emotions and behavior.

Finally, I like to do a bathing ritual during the Full Moon. I do this for a few reasons. One: I like to clear away and cut ties with any energy, thoughts, emotions or ideas that may need to come to an end during this time and a cleansing bath is the way to do that. Secondly, I like to connect with my psychic self during the Full Moons. I created ‘Moonstone’ bath bombs specifically for my Full Moon bathing rituals. Created with essential oil of Jasmine and completed with a Moonstone chipstone these bath bombs will help you connect to the moon’s energy and your psychic self.

I hope these ideas and tips help you connect with the Full Moon and deepen your relationship with her.


Full Moon Blessings, Wild Ones.

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Lila Elwood
Lila Elwood

July 28, 2016

Hi Terri! Thanks so much for the comment! When cleansing the home to go to standard is typically White Sage. You can also use Black Sage or Palo Santo wood if you prefer.


July 25, 2016

This is definitely something I really want to do soon! And i was woundering about cleaning house. Is there a special color of sage I’ll need?

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