Keeping the Magick Alive in your Daily Life

July 20, 2016 2 Comments

Keeping the Magick Alive in your Daily Life

I’m going to get personal with you in this blog, in hopes of inspiring you.

I want to discuss a topic I hear all too often about in the Pagan/Metaphysical community. HOW to keep the Magick alive in our daily lives. Today’s modern world forces us to often times almost live double lives. During the day we are our ‘mundane’ selves going to work and doing a job that is for the most part, spiritually devoid. How are we supposed to stay spiritual when we spend 8+ hours a day being a Nurse/waitress/Sales associate/police officer/military etc…? Keep reading, I might be able to tell you how.

I am in a unique position in life in that I was raised in pagan traditions, and you know what? Despite my entire life growing up in these traditions, I too can still struggle with incorporating Magick and Spirituality into my daily routine. I am busy mother of two young girls, married to a husband with a demanding career, on top of running a business. I KNOW the struggles you face Wild Ones. Here are some ways you can Keep the Magick alive in your life.

1. Make mundane routines *Magickal*. If you had to name one thing you do pretty much everyday without fail it would probably be – BATHING. And guess what? You’re probably alone while you do this making it prime time for infusing some spirituality into your day. Turn on music that makes you feel connected to the universe while you shower or take a bath. I like to listen to Maneesh De Moor station on Pandora for this. If you prefer more ‘Pagany’ music, try ‘Omnia’ station. Throw some bath salts in the corner of your shower with some essential oil mixed in, you can even light candles in your bathroom for the shower and turn the lights off, it’s great, trust me! If you have the time and ability to take a bath, do it! We have some great bath bombs to add to it. We also have an Enchanted Skincare line with soaps, moisturizers and toners, all made by the moon and infused with gemstone magick so you can carry those energies into your day or night.   You can even make cleaning your house spiritual! Turn on that music again and as you clean the physical- you are also clearing away energetic sludge stuck in your house! After you clean give the house a good smudge to clear it all out.
2. Set up altars. I can count 5 altars that have sprung up all over my house. Only one was intentional. Set up a main altar that you can use daily for prayer/meditation and some smaller ones in main areas of your home that you don’t necessarily DO anything at but that are sacred spaces none the less. For example- I have a shelf in my living room that morphed into an altar of home and family with gemstones, photos and symbols all reminiscent of family. The windowsill in my kitchen turned into an abundance altar with statues, candles and symbols that will keep abundance in the home.
3. Garden. If I didn’t garden, I might die. Gardening allows you to see and be involved in the seasonal cycle. If you can, plant some fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes are easily grown in pots, as are strawberries. If not, herbs & flowers are just as rewarding and are definitely doable in pots in small spaces. Gardening is like a meditation. When you go out to care for the plant you will find your mind quiets and your energy stills as you and the plant commune and get to know eachother. My favorite plant to date was a Gobo Burdock plant I grew one year- it’s usually just called “burdock” but the word Gobo was always fun for me to say and that plant was such a happy plant and he made me happy just to be around him. So Garden ANYTHING, participate in the planting, growing and harvesting cycle and you will find yourself more grounded and connected than ever.
4. Make a point to pray and meditate daily. This doesn’t have to take an hour. It can take 10-20mins. When you’re having your morning tea/coffee sit at your altar. Spend a few quiet moments contemplating your day- this can be meditation, it does not have to be you sitting there trying to reach a state of non-thought! Make offerings to your deities. Honey, Milk & wine are good standard offerings but it’s also a good idea to research what your particular deity might prefer. Talk to your deities (if you have them). Daily Affirmations at this time is also a perfect morning ritual to start your day. Also, I have found yoga to be an amazing meditative tool. I do yoga everyday and it’s not to stay in shape. I don’t really like purposeful exercise to be honest! Yoga for me is a meditation, it’s me interacting with the energies of the universe and coalescing with them. I personally think everyone should experience this! At night you can engage in more hefty meditation if you want. For craft based meditation & exercises check out Christopher Penzak’s audio series that goes along with his books.
5. Observe the moon cycles and seasonal days. Observing these days WILL connect you to the cycles and seasons of life. If for some reason I miss one (I do sometimes!) I feel all out of whack. I have other blogs on some ways you can observe and incorporate the Noumenia and Full Moon & will be writing blogs about the 8 seasonal holidays as they approach.
6. Read a magickal book, listen to magickal music and drink wine. One of my favorite wind down activities is this. Your Magickal book doesn’t have to be non-fiction either! I love a good magickal fiction. Witches of East End series. That is all.


7. Incorporate Magick….everywhere. This is 100% doable. Magick does not have to be full blown ritual. Wear gemstone jewelry & perfumes that resonates with your intention for the day. If you’re feeling like you need some extra protection- there’s a stone for that. If you’re trying to draw love into your life, there’s a perfume for that. Relaxation? Money? Spirituality? There is a stone and oil for all of those. So dig them out of your boxes and cupboards- wear them, carry them. They WILL call those corresponding influences into your life.

 I hope these ideas are doable for everyone and help enrich your life as they have mine over the years.


    Lila & Mina.

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Lila Elwood
Lila Elwood

July 29, 2016

Hi Asafo. If you’re looking for these things I suggest working with Citrine and Aventurine. Put them in your wallet and in the eastern corner of your house. These two stones are really great and bringing in luck and monetary resources.Use positive affirmations and repeat them daily “I invite and gratefully accept, Prosperity, Abundance and Success into my life”. We have citrine and aventurine here and also a money flow oil here and a complete set here We’re running a sale through the weekend! 15% off with Code Lugh15 Good Luck!!

Asafo Bright
Asafo Bright

July 28, 2016

Thanks for the guidance. Is there any other way? Please, I really need job and money. Please help me.

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