Learn Magickal Aromatherapy

June 24, 2016

Learn Magickal Aromatherapy

Most of us by now have heard of all the amazing health benefits essential oils can assist us with- headache relief, hormone balancing, cold and flu treatments- but there is a whole other side to essential oils that seldom gets talked about: Their spiritual properties! Just as plants and herbs have both medicinal and metaphysical properties, essential oils do as well, often carrying with them the same metaphysical value as the plants from which they are extracted.

Scent is a powerful magick, and also one of the most neglected senses despite its ability to transport and transform us. In ancient times across the world, sweet smelling plants were offered to the Gods as sacrifice, or burned as incense in such rituals, certain plants were inhaled for their healing properties (Think Eucalyptus, a camphorus plant whose scent clears the airway!) and yet still other scents were used in magic and religious ritual to illicit a shift in consciousness for the priests/priestess to perform their religious duty. Cleopatra even drenched the sails of her ship in Jasmine oil before she set sail to meet and Seduce Marc Antony, so the scent of Jasmine would reach the shores before she did. As History shows, this aromatherapy technique worked!

We can utilize essential oils in Magickal Aromatherapy for both their conventional healing properties as well as their metaphysical ones for use in our spiritual practice. To do this, choose an essential oil that corresponds with what you are trying to achieve, for example if I were trying to alleviate symptoms of depression I would choose an oil such as Lavender, Bergamot, Jasmine, Marjoram, Chamomile or Clary Sage for their conventional aromatherapy values for being uplifting oils which inspire happiness. I would then also look into the metaphysical properties of the oils to see which ones would best be suited metaphysically. Both Lavender and Chamomile are magickally associated with purification so in this scenario I would choose those two oils for their metaphysical properties. Our Repose Perfume is a perfect relaxing and uplifting blend with many of these oils in it. 

Next, use your oils! Add them to your baths, anoint your candles with them, put a few drops into the candle, put them in an oil diffuser in your home, most importantly, WEAR THEM. Magickally created perfumes are one of the best most effective ways to utilize Magickal Aromatherapy! Not only do they smell amazing but you’re healing yourself, all day long, every time you put some on. I make anointing myself with my Magickal Perfumes a ritual, every evening and every morning. Every morning I choose a perfume that meets my intention for the day, I sit with it for a moment, meditating and telling it my intention for the day and how it can assist me and I dab some on. In the evenings I usually choose a super sexy feminine blend like Belladonna or Aphrodite because they make me feel magickal and powerful. Or if I’m heading into ritual post bath, I’ll choose an oil based on what kind of ritual, such as Noumenia, Full Moon or Magi as a general all-inclusive ritual oil. I create all of my Magickal Perfumes with magickal intention, in the olde ways by the Moon and bottle each one with a corresponding gemstone for that extra magickal touch.

            Magickal Aromatherapy & Perfumes are an excellent practice to incorporate into your spiritual tradition to bring both the physical healing properties of an essential oil as well as its magick into your life.

Keep Your Spirit Wild.

~ Lila

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