Mermaid Magick: Discover the Wisdom of the Sea

June 15, 2017

Mermaid Magick: Discover the Wisdom of the Sea

Mermaids - these mystical maidens of the sea have captured the minds of people since time immemorial. Their myths extend back thousands of years with many cultures including the Irish, The Scots of the Orkney Isles & even the Native American Tribe the Penobscot claim descent from Mermaids. Some have even postulated that we descend from mermaids via the Lemurian culture as our original form. Whatever the case may be, the Mermaid is indeed a beautiful, mystical creature with much to teach us.
    I (Lila) have always, for the most part, lived near the water. I grew up along the Niagara River & Lake Erie. When my Family & I moved to NC we were just along the Ocean-I remember the first time I saw the ocean, I was nervous, as if I was meeting someone I'd admired from afar my whole life. When we crested the hill to Kure Beach NC, my mouth dropped open and this sense of coming home washed over me. My husband's career took us to Idaho for almost 5 years and that was when I really recognized my dependence on living near water. I felt suffocated living in a desert, hundreds of miles from any significant source of water. We now reside a whopping 10 miles from the Ocean and I could never imagine living any further from the Sea again. Why have I taken you on this journey of my residences? Because this is one of the signs of being a so called Spiritual Mermaid.

What is a Spiritual Mermaid?
I *believe* Doreen Virtue was the first to describe what Spiritual Mermaids are. The most basic explanation is that Spiritual Mermaids are those who have lived a past life as a Mermaid (perhaps on Earth or within another realm) & the soul retains some of the habits & traits of that past life and continues to express them in this life. Traits of a Spiritual Mermaid may include:
*Natural red or auburn tones in their hair
* Green Eyes or shades of green in their non-green eyes
* Prefer to wear their hair long
* Naturally curly/wavy hair
* Frequently crave water
* Feel cold often, even in warm weather
* Need to live near water to feel balanced

What Mermaids can Teach Us & How to Work with Them
Mermaids reside on the Astral Plane - like most other so-called mythological creatures. They can teach us to own our sexuality & freedom, seduction and personal power. They can help us clear the toxins from our bodies as well as our aura. They hold boundless wisdom & knowledge & can refresh & renew our energy & spirits. Mermaids are capable of interacting with us on an energetic level, typically using our personal energy to manifest or more commonly let us feel their presence. You must use your heart to "see" Mermaids - they are rarely seen with the physical eyes.
Working with Mermaids is very rewarding and fulfilling. Here are some ways you can tap itno their energy and develop a relationship with them:
*  Work with mirrors. Water is reflective, a mirror, allowing mermaids to show us our true selves. Use mirrors for scrying to reach the depths of your true self.

*  Work with liminal times & tide times. You are more likely to encounter mermaids during liminal times. Dusk, dawn, sunset & sunrise, at the turn of oceanic tides, new moon & full moon.

*  Heal your Sexuality. Mermaids are very sensual creatures, and can help you heal your sexuality, fertility & menstrual issues. Meet them half way.

*   Eat like a Mermaid. Introduce sea food & sea vegetables (kelp, seaweed, Kombu, sea lettuce)

*  Let Yourself be Playful! Mermaids are attracted to playful energy as they themselves are playful. Swim more, play more- take saltwater baths if you're not near the Ocean. Our Mermaid Bath Bombs include Sea Salt to add a touch of oceanic salt to your Bathing Rituals to help you connect to Mermaids in this way.

*  Saltwater holds wisdom. Water is cleansing & purifying. Our own Blood is salty, the very blood that gives women their fertility. The Ocean is also salty-and while that water can't quench our thirst it makes us more buoyant & holds us up-and supports markedly more diverse life than freshwater. Water is our unconscious, our psychic abilities & saltwater magnifies these abilities to a high degree

*  Pamper Yourself with Beauty Rituals & Adornment! Mermaids are beautiful beings, and they can teach us to indulge and pamper ourselves as well. There is a ritualistic aspect to beauty routines, our bodies deserve time and reverence. We've made our Mermaid Perfume, Mermaid Soap & Galene Amulet in this spirit. To pull your everyday bathing & fragrance routine out of the Mundane & into the sacred. We also have an entire Enchanted Skincare line to make your mundane routines sacred.

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