New Moon in Cancer Intention Setting

June 29, 2016

New Moon in Cancer Intention Setting

Intention Setting with the New Moon in Cancer

New Moons are THE time to plant new seeds for the coming month, to set in motion new projects, ideas, phases and intentions.

July’s New Moon will occur on July 4th and will be in it’s home sign of Cancer. If you know a Cancer, you know how emotions rule their essential being. Cancer has very familial and maternal energy about it. It is about nurturing others as well as being nurtured. In its shadow, Cancer energy can be clingy, manipulative, moody, and very needy. The New Moon in this sign presents to us these themes.

This Noumenia presents us with the opportunity to set intentions in regards to our emotional health & desires. What are you seeking that will help you live a more emotional fulfilling life? Are your own emotions and unhealthy attachments getting in the way of emotional fulfillment? What can YOU do to move beyond those emotional limitations or to heal yourself? Is your love life limiting you? What do you want out of your love life? Has your emotional darkness stopped you from being the best version of yourself? How can you address this?  Ask yourself these questions when sitting down to set your intentions for Jul.

July’s new moon also happens to be aligned with the star of Sirius. This means we will get a nice push of energy from that star. What energy is that you ask? Sirius is the star of business success, beneficial change in business or home, as well as health. SO if you are seeking any of these things, intentions set to these ends will have a great head start thanks to Sirius.

 Basic New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

  • If you don’t already have a New Moon Intention journal, I suggest starting one.
  • Set up your work area with colors & stones that are associated with New Moon. Blacks, Dark Blues, Dark purples are good choices. Labradorite is the stone of the New Moon. If you need a piece, we have some in the shop here. Light a dedicated candle to use only during your New Moon intention rituals. We have some here We also have ritual sets here
  • After your work area is set up, sit down & consider the above influences of this New Moon and how you can apply those to your life
  • Develop clear intentions not just “I want to begin a new relationship this moon cycle” instead try something like “I will ask mike/pam out on a date this moon cycle, we will eat sushi and have drinks at a martini bar afterwards. We will enjoy eachothers company and have awesome conversation” Use the same technique if you’re setting about overcoming your own emotional blockages or tapping into Sirius’ energy of change and opportunity. During this part of the ritual and through the end I like to hold my Labradorite piece to aid me in my magick & to help manifest my intentions. If you have my Noumenia perfume anoint with it to call in the energies of manifestation. Magick is all about layering correspondences! 
  • Write your intentions in your intention journal or on a sheet of paper. Speak them aloud to the Moon, the Gods, the Universe, the Source. Visualize your intention, KNOW that your intention is going to come to pass- don't wish for it, don't BELIEVE it is going to come to pass, KNOW it in your mind and FEEL it in your heart that this is the path you will be walking very soon. 

Blessed Noumenia!

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