Our Top Tips for Manifesting your Spellwork

August 17, 2016

Our Top Tips for Manifesting your Spellwork

We too often hear people frustrated that their spell hasn’t worked. There are a lot of reasons for this, but fortunately, you can overcome those hurdles. Magick is powerful, real and it does work. Here is what you need to know and practice to make your spellwork pay off.

  1. Know it in your mind and feel it in your heart. Do not practice Wishcraft. Don’t cast a spell wishing for it to come true. Cast a spell and have FULL CONFIDENCE that it WILL be so. There is a reason we close spells with the axiom “So mote it be” or “So it is”. That is telling the Universe/Divine that this deed WILL, without exception be manifested. You need to KNOW the events will come to pass as surely as you know the sky is blue. Doubt kills a spell. Casting and then hoping it will come pass is a big no, because it probably won’t in that case.


  1. Trusting the Course of Events. Spells do not always take the course we think they will or want them to, no matter how specific we get. Trust me, I’ve been casting spells for almost 20 years and there have been plenty of times I’m left looking at the course events had taken and saying “Well that didn’t go as planned….” BUT the end result IS what was intended. The course is winding, and what may look at first glance as a setback or utter failure may actually be the way the Gods intended for it to be. We can only control so much, and even though we can set the flow of events into motion, we cannot always control how they unfold.


  1. Use Tools. Many magickal practitioners will say or tell you that you do not need tools – and to a small extent I agree with this, but you are so much more powerful WITH tools. Incorporating tool such as Crystals, Essential Oils, Amulets & Candles INCREASE your vibration and the energy behind your magick. Think of these tools as signposts to the universe/divine. By using tools that correspond with your intention you are guiding the magick of the universe to flow your way, and to manifest your magick.


  1. Keep the Spell alive. The Universe isn’t a crock-pot cauldron. You can't set it and forget it. Spend time each day sitting in your sacred space re-affirming your spell with affirmations, visualizing it. There will probably be times when you think the spell has failed, or events just aren’t flowing the way you’d hoped. But remember to trust the course and keep up the affirmations.


  1. Talk with your higher self and Spirit guides. Use divination for this, or meditation. Tap into the quiet voices inside yourself for support, guidance and direction when you’re feeling challenged.


  1. Keep your personal energy at a high vibration. This will attract like energies to you! Get rid of low vibrational energies such as fear, anger, sadness and jealousy and any situation that gives you those emotions. They don’t serve you or your highest good or the spellwork you’re trying to manifest. At the risk of sounding “whitey-lighty”- keep yourself in a place of peace, calm, happiness and graciousness for the things you do have. Don’t stagnate yourself with low vibrational emotions.


Wishing you all successful spellwork, Wild Ones.

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