Using Talismans to get what You Want

July 06, 2016

Using Talismans to get what You Want

Talismans are objects which have been ascribed with Magickal powers with the explicit purpose to attract specific intentions into your life. A Talisman can be crafted out of almost anything- stones, crystals, metal, wood or bone. They can bring Luck, Money, Love, Healing, Protection and much more into your life.

Historically, Talismans were a natural object such as a claw of an animal, a tooth or a feather. Stones and Crystals have been used as Talismans for thousands of years. During the Crusades, many soldiers carried talismanic stones carved with runic messages. They also carried bloodstones because it is the stone associated with Mars, the god of war.

When choosing a stone to use as a Talisman, choose the type of stone that is aligned with your purpose, and make sure you have a connection with that stone. If I’m shopping for a stone in a store I like to pick up and FEEL the energy of the stone. If I’m shopping online I go by my intuition, if I feel a tug towards a stone or piece of jewelry I know that it’s “the one”.

Talismans are typically crafted at an auspicious time in line with the phases of the Moon dependent upon the purpose of the Talisman. Every Talisman at Wild Witchery is ritually crafted in line with the phases of the moon & day of the week & weaved with the intentions for what it is being created for. Once you’ve selected your stone or jewelry place it on your altar and set up for a ritual as you normally would. Recite the following incantation or create one that you like!

“I empower and consecrate you for (whatever purpose the talisman is designed to perform). I imbue you with all the powers of the universe to enable you to carry out your task, and I thank you in advance for all the energy, power, and comfort that you offer to me.”

Wear your Talisman, or carry it with you at all times. Once a Talisman has been imbued the only way to destroy its effects is to break and destroy the Talisman, so no need to worry about it the effects “wearing off”!

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           Lila & Mina

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