Witchcraft for August

August 04, 2016

Witchcraft for August

Each month has its own magickal niche it is best suited to. August is the eighth month on the Julian calendar and was named for Emperor Augustus and is associated with Astrological sign of Leo, the Lion and carries with it the energies surrounding the number eight. Those energies and associations are Personal Power, Self-Confidence, Courage, Business, Success, Wealth, Giving and Receiving, Inner Wisdom, Spiritual Consciousness & above all else, Balance.

 If you have a Business this is an auspicious month to perform works of magick bringing success to that business, thereby bringing wealth and prosperity into your life. Even if you don’t have a business and are needing these things in your life August is the perfect time to tap into those energies. Work with stones such as Citrine and Aventurine and use our Fortune Potion.

 A second group of aspects to the month of August are Personal Power, Self-Confidence & Courage. Perhaps you’re in a position where you are lacking these things, now is the time to reclaim them. Invoke these things by wearing colors such as reds, oranges and yellows. Work with stones of the same color, Tiger’s Eye works particularly well, being associated with personal power, success and wealth as well as Malachite. We have a number of Tiger’s Eye & Malachite Amulets here. Recite daily affirmations in your sacred space such as “I am Powerful, I am Confident in myself and I am Courageous”. Give yourself the best opportunity to overcome the challenges you face in this area by removing yourself from situations and relationships that stifle your personal power & self-confidence.

 The last and what I am personally most excited about is the aspect of Inner Wisdom, Spiritual Consciousness and Balance. Focusing on the number 8 the first thing we notice is the shape, it is the shape of infinity. It is equal and balanced on either side. It creates, and it destroys. It is both predator and prey, dark and light, full and empty The Fool and The World; all possibilities are within it. Eight also gives us the wisdom of nature- all things are cyclical, all things are recycled in some shape of form. We should due well to remember this as we enter the autumn season. Use August as a time to hit the Spiritual Refresh button. During the summer months our routines can get disrupted by kids out of school, summer family vacations, busy weekends and the like. I know in many parts of the southern US kids go back to school and we begin to settle back into the stable routine of life. Begin or take your meditation practice deeper, work with your divination tools regularly to glimpse some inner wisdom about where your path may take you heading into the autumn, try doing small or large rituals to develop your psychic abilities or to open your third eye. Stones such as Spirit Quartz and Gold Sheen Obsidian are good stones to work with for going within or working within the spirit realms.

 May your August be Abundant, Empowering & Balanced Wild Ones.


 Lila & Mina

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