Witches Magickal Guide to April

March 31, 2019

Witches Magickal Guide to April

Spring is in the Air and Aries season is afoot! The Spring Equinox has come and gone and we're about to entering the planting season. April is always a furious gardening month for us and that Magick - the Magick of New Beginnings and Manifestation are the themes for April. Here is what you can look forward to magically for the month of April!   

*April 5th: New Moon in Aries- Its time to get going! The Aries New Moon turns our focus to our more primal needs so we can develop the best plan of action to manifest our intentions.  This moon calls on us to be confident and have faith in our abilities. You have the skills, now its time to get to work!    

* April 10th: Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius: Jupiter will ask you to analyze your deepest personal beliefs and discover which of those beliefs is blocking you from manifesting your intentions.

* April 17th Mercury enters Aries- We’ll all get straight to the point when mental Mercury is in assertive Aries! Aries waits for no one, so this transit is a time when our minds may grow a little (or a lot) more restless and impatient. This cosmic combo is all about pushing the envelope, and sparking our imaginations so that we open ourselves up to a new world of possibilities.

*April 19th Full “Pink” Moon in Libra-The Pink Moon got its name from the appearance of wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers that makes their appearance in April. This Full Moon is in Libra again & will have you craving balance – after all that is what Libra is best at! This Full Moon in Libra asks you to examine the imbalances in your love relationships, ask for help, and rise above your emotions and use logic when making decisions.

*April 20th: Venus enters Aries - When Venus enters Aries, it offers us all a chance to make a fresh start in matters of love, money, and self-awareness. Old patterns and lackluster relationships have no place anymore once Venus and Aries meet up. Instead, we thrive on new experiences and adventurous encounters, and we’re more spontaneous in our pursuit of pleasure.

April's Themes are Beginning Anew & Manifesting Your Intentions - A Beginning Anew Ritual

Just as nature has nurtured seeds all winter and Mother Earth is re-birthing herself, we too should take this que that it is time to do the same with ourselves. April is about beginning anew & manifesting the thoughts and desires you’ve been thinking and planning through the winter months. Part of beginning anew means cutting ties with the old, and this is what this New Moon Ritual is about.

You’ll need the following for this Ritual:

  • A Black Candle  
  • A Green Candle
  • A paper and pen
  • A fireproof bowl or cauldron
  • Incense of your choosing

 Light the black candle and take a few moments to ground yourself. Meditate on all of the issues holding you back, causing you problems, or making you feel unworthy. If there is a certain deity that you have a connection to, you might wish to invite them to join you at this time, but if you don’t want to, that’s okay – you’ll simply call upon the energies of the universe when it’s time. When you’re ready, say:

 Life is a twisting and turning path, ever changing and flowing. My journey has brought me this far, and I am ready to take the next step. I call upon the energies and powers of [deity name, or simply The Universe] to guide me on my way. Today, I say farewell to all that has prevented me from becoming the person I wish to be.

 Using the pen and the piece of paper, write down things that have created stumbling blocks for you. Bad job situation? Unsatisfying relationship? Low self-esteem? All of these are things that prevent us from growing. Write these things on the paper, and then light it in the candle’s flame. Place the burning paper in the bowl or cauldron, and as you watch it burn, say:

 I send you away, far from me, and far from my life. You no longer have any influence upon me. You are my past, and the past is gone. I banish you, I banish you, I banish you.

 Wait until the paper has burned completely away. Once it has done so, extinguish the black candle and light the green one. Watch the flame and focus this time on things that will help you grow and change. Planning to go back to school? Moving to a new city? Getting healthier? Just need to feel like you’re worth it? These are the things to think about. When you’re ready, light the incense from the flame of the green candle. Watch the smoke rise into the air. Say:

 It is a time for change. It is time to begin anew. It is time to be a new person, strong and secure and confident. These are the things I will achieve, and I ask [deity name or The Universe] for guidance and assistance. I send my request out into the skies, to the heavens on this smoke, and I know that I will become a better person for it.

 Verbalize the things you’re sending out, and make sure you’re using an active voice rather than a passive one – in other words, instead of saying “I wish I was healthier,” say “I will be healthier.” Rather than saying “I would like to feel better about myself,” say “I will believe in myself and be confident.”

 When you are finished, take a few final moments to reflect on the changes you plan to see. Also, be sure to consider the mundane things that you will need to do to bring about your transition. For instance, if you choose to be healthier, make a promise to yourself to get more exercise. If you plan to move to a new town and make a fresh start, plan to begin searching for jobs in your destination city.

 After you have finished, extinguish the candle and end the ritual in the manner of your tradition.

April Correspondences: Our April Picks



























Candles: Prosperity, Full Moon, Wish Candle

Crystals: Malachite, Clear Quartz

Perfumes: Fortune, Ostara, The Wilds

Sacred Bathing: Hex Breaker, Citrine, Persephone 


Magickal Tips for working with April's Herbs 

 Basil: Carry in your pocket to attract wealth or add to incense to attract love 

Bistort: Add to abundance satchets or burn as an incense for abundance 

Dill: Place at your threshold to attract abundance

Fennel: Make an herbal purification bath to remove obstacles with Fennel, Lavender, Valerian, Mint, Thyme & Hyssop. 


Wishing You  Magickal April, Wild Ones


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