New Moon Ritual Set~For Intention Setting and Honoring the Noumenia

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Noumenia, the New Moon. It is during this time the Moon begins her cycle yet again, Everything is created out of the void, primordial chaos, and that is what the New Moon is- the primordial void which holds all possibilities for us to manifest into the future. Use this candle during the Noumenia, meditate on your intentions, dreams, creations & goals you are setting and manifesting into the coming months 

We created this set with all the tools you need to observe, honor and set your intentions at the Noumenia.

You will receive:

*Our New Moon Candle which is created during the New Moon with intention, wrapped with our Noumenia oil and charged with New Moon Magick to help you manifest your greatest desires. 

* A bottle of our Noumenia Perfume. As The New Moon is a time of new beginnings for Mother Moon, so it is a time for us to set down new intentions as well.  It is rich and deep blend that includes sandalwood, with gloriously floral top notes of Jasmine to name but a few oils in this blend. This enchanted perfume is crafted to help you during this phase of the moon to set down your intentions for the coming month. 

* A piece of Labradorite. Labradorite is a stone closely associated with Magick & The Noumenia, bringing your natural abilities to the surface as well as being used to aid in New beginnings and intention setting, and encouraging introspection.

Individually these tools would cost you $60, but we're offering them as a set at a discount!

We offer you, Complete Intention Setting, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one Noumenia Set which includes 1 New Moon Candle, 1 bottle of Noumenia Perfume & 1 small piece of Labradorite, which will come beautifully gift-wrapped, ready for your enjoyment.



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