Amethyst~For Healing, Divine Wisdom & Psychism

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Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones out there, steeped in ancient magick. Being able to affect both the physical body and spiritual self!

On a physical level, Amethyst is a powerful healer. Place it under your pillow to ward off nightmares or insomnia. Are you struggling to overcome addiction? Amethyst encourages sobriety! In fact its very name is derived from the Greek word "Amethustos" which means "not drunken". In the ancient world it was worn to prevent drunkenness and while it is quite suited for alcohol addiction, it is just as effective against other substances as well. It is also useful as a stone of focus, aiding you in sharpening you wit, improving memory and relieving headaches. 

On a spiritual level, Amethyst really shines. It can be used as a protective amulet gurding against psychic attack as well as any other kind of negativity thrown at you. As a stone of peace and tranquility it quells the stresses of everyday life. Amethyst is also a powerful stone of meditation, allowing you to block out the mundane thoughts and helps reveal the true nature of the divine and encourages spiritual wisdom. It also opens up your psychic gifts and sharpens intuition. Keep a piece stored with your divinatory tools for this purpose! 

 We offer you Healing, Peace & Psychism Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) med piece (1-2") of tumbled amethyst which comes gift bagged in organza. We cleanse and charge all of our stones by the light of the full moon, so it will come to you fully imbued and ready to work its magick.


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