Green Aventurine~ For Luck, Opportunity & Prosperity

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The Stone of Opportunity! If you're looking to manifest prosperity and financial well-being in your life you absolutely need this stone. Green Aventurine will not only benefit you in those areas, but it will boost the odds in your favor in any endeavor you set out for. 

Aventurine does not just attract prosperity to you, it causes the things in your life holding you back from abundance to fall away so that conditions are favorable and it is inevitable that you WILL be prosperous.  As a crystal associated with growth and the earth use to "grow" anything in your life! 

We offer you Opportunity, Abundance & Prosperity, Wild Ones. 

We mapped out a different  spell/ritual for each of the auspicious days in May. You can find it here. 

This listing is for 1 piece of Med-Large (1.5-2.5") tumbled Green Aventurine which comes gift bagged in organza. We cleanse and charge all of our stones by the light of the full moon, so it will come to you fully imbued and ready to work its magick. 


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