Bealtaine Banríon~A Beltane Potion

The Time is almost Upon us. The second most important point on the Celtic Wheel.
Bealtaine. Beltane. May Day. It goes by many names.

Bealtine Banríon is Gaelic for "May Queen" & I brewed this oil to honor her & the spirit of Bealtine.

Beltane is THE fertility holiday. Whereas Samhain is the point of Night, Death & Spirits of Dead on the wheel, Beltane is Light, Life & Spirits of the Fae. By this point on the sun's journey the earth is just brimming with life bursting forth from the cool damp earth. The Cherry Trees & bulbs of very early spring have given way to the foxgloves, pansies, dianthus & Rose. The crops have begun to sprout but are still yet tender & need lots of care & attention to protect them from a alte frost or a waiting mocking bird ( i have one mocking bird family that comes back to my yard every year to feast on my blue berry bushes!)

The May Queen plays a large role in the folklore of Bealtine,
In mythology, she is also known as The Maiden, the goddess of spring, flower bride, queen of the faeries, and the lady of the flowers. The May Queen is a symbol of the stillness of nature around which everything revolves. She stands for purity, strength and the potential for growth, as the plants grow in May. She is one of many personifications of the energy of the earth.

On Beltane, The Queen of the May & the aging Queen of Winter, The Cailleach, do battle. This is re-enacted every year in Edinburg Scotland with GREAT theatrics. The Callieachs, once defeated hands dominion of the Earth back over to the May Queen until Samhain.

Bealtine Banríon is an exquisite Floral perfume bursting with Fresh Roses, Gardenia, Jasmine & topped off with notes of Mandarin & Bergamot. It ensconces everything that Bealtine is about - sex & fertility. She is sure to seduce you.

Wear Bealtine Banríon during the Beltane Season, anoint yourself - and others ;), your candles, crystals your maypole & any other tools you see fit to invoke and seduce the spirit of the May Queen.

 We Offer You, The May Queen, Wild Ones.

This Listing is for One 15ml bottle of Bealtaine Banrion. We Ritually Create all our Tools in the Olde Ways. 


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