Green Man Cologne

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We didn't want to leave our Pagan Menfolk out of all the magickal personal care we make so just in time for the Holiday season we are releasing our first Men's Care Line! 

The Green Man is perhaps one of the most beloved modern Pagan figures. He is often linked to Cernunnos and personifies the male part of the natural world. You can find him peering at you through the great trees of the forest, representing freshness of spirit and eternal liveliness. He is a Force of creation and fertilizer of the Earth- just as our Male counterparts are.
So we created the Green Man Line to take care of our menfolk and bring to them the Magick of the Green Man.

I had so much envisioning and creating the scent of the Green Man. And trust me, it's GOOD. It is crafted with sacred oils of Cedar, Spruce & Lime. It's citrusy on the top and dries down to a deep lush forest. I create each batch as a ritual to the Green Man and each one is bottled with moss agate and petrified wood to complement the nature magick of the Green Man.

Embrace the Green Man, Wild Ones. 

This listing is for one (1) 2oz bottle of Green Man Cologne, made in the Olde Ways. 


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Ingredients: All Natural Essential Oils & jojoba

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