Hekate~To Guide you through the Crossroads

"Hekate Einodia, Trioditis, lovely dame, of earthly, watery and celestial frame, sepulchral, in a saffron veil arrayed, pleased with dark ghosts that wander through the shade"   ~Orphic Hymn to Hekate, 2nd century BCE

The very mention of her name strikes intimidation into ones heart- followed by a bit of intrigue. Hekate, patroness to Witches. She who is holder of the crossroads between the worlds. Yet, she is not a wrathful Goddess, but a guider-it is she who guided Demeter through the night searching for that which Demeter sought, Persephone. You can find her at the crossroads of your life, She holds the torch to you and asks you to choose a path, where would you like to go from here? She is Queen of the night she stands guard over the thresholds into the world of Magick and the crossroads.

Use Hekate to guide you into and through the darkness at the cross of the roads in your life. Lean on her, let her ground you and trust her vision.

Hekate is also traditionally associated with sorcery and magick. In ancient Greece she was associated with the Pharmakeia, these were most likely medicine women and midwives who took their namesake from making use of plants as medicine.

Crafted with Amber, Cedar, Patchouli and Jasmine, she is both elegantly sweet as well as earthy and dark.

Hekate has the power to grant you that which you desire, as she sees fit. She was also charged by Zeus to be the escort of Persephone into and out of the underworld, because she alone holds the power to walk between the worlds.

We Offer you, Hekate, Wild Ones.



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