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My grandfather grew Lilacs, and every spring I would look forward to the beautiful bouquets of the flowers he'd cut for me. I'm even named after the tree! But Lilacs posses much more magick than the spell they cast by enticing us with their gentle scent and flower...

Lilac works in two corresponding ways: First, the delicate flower possess the power bring about positivity in your life, to help you move past any negative self talk, self doubt & self image as well as assisting in any other negative situations you may find yourself in. Secondly, it also calls in protective spirit guides to surround and protect you as you perform this work of moving towards a more positive, spiritually enriched lifestyle. 

When I was a child we had one Lilac tree in our backyard and whenever I was feeling vulnerable I would run to the tree and hide in it for hours until I felt I could face the world again. Years later as I embarked upon my magickal path it became all to apparent that my intuition, guides or both knew the Lilac tree would embrace me and make me feel protected and help me move past my vulnerabilities. 

I offer Lilac to you, Wild Ones, so you too can feel and know the Magick of the humble yet remarkable Lilac Tree. 

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Lilac Perfume.

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