Skaði Perfume~For Strength, Courage & Endurance

Skadi is the Norse Goddess of Winter.   She lives in the highest reaches of the mountains, where the snow never melts. She’s an avid huntress, and her bow, snowshoes, and skis are her most trusted tools. 

Skaði is fierce and stormed the hall of the Aesir to avenger her fathers murder. Astounded by her skill and determination, Odin offered her gold - she laughed at the prospect as she was already wealthy. Instead, she demanded a husband. Odin asked for volunteers amongst the Aesir, but none spoke up. Odin then told her she could choose her own husband - but only by looking at their feet! Skaði had chosen Njord, god of the sea- but the couple were never happy together and after 18 days, they parted ways. Skaði eventually married Ulle- God of winter and they thrived, happily. 

Skaði is the embodiment of strength, courage & endurance. In the dark of winter, we need to embrace her wild, untamed spirit. We must focus as she did on carving out a life for ourselves of our own choosing.  

If you are needing these qualities in your life right now, look no further than the Magick  of  Skaði - I've blended crisp pine and tangy citrus followed by subtle hints of light cinnamon and spring flowers- vanilla beans, soothing woods & Garnet chipstone complete the Magick of Skaði. 

This Listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Skaði  Perfume 


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