The Wilds~A Wild Woman Blend

An open field ripe with wildflowers that bows at the gentle breeze passing through, a shadowed tangled forest with a cool creek flowing, The Ocean, expansive and deep, terrifying yet alluring all at once- A Priestess dancing wildly around a fire or underneath the moon, calling on the olde gods

It is in these places & moments often find the Divine in nature, and the Wilds within ourselves. The Wilds is an earthy floral blend with a base of Patchouli and top notes of Fresh Lavender & Rose Geranium. 

I created The Wilds to Honor and CLAIM the Wild Woman that lives within you. To encapsulate each of those Wild places & moments so you can BE the Priestess, BE the Field, the Ocean & the Moon. Be a Wild Woman.


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Collections: Magickal Perfumes

Type: Perfume

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