Repose ~ A Relaxing Potion

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Repose: A state of rest, relaxation or tranquility.

Do you need rest, relaxation or maybe some tranquility in your life? Then Repose has your name written all over it. In today's society we rarely value rest. It is always about finishing one thing and on to the next. I aim to change that. I VALUE my rest time and make it a priority, if you don't make it a priority depression and anxiety seep in- is that any surprise?

Repose is crafted with essential oils that are highly valued for their therapeutic benefits of begetting relaxation. Lavender & Chamomile are the main notes in the blend, with undertones of citrus. I like to put this on in the evening after we finish our "dinner time rush" and enjoy a cup of tea. You can wear this blend as a daily perfume to keep you relaxed throughout your hectic day, diffuse in your workspace to instill some tranquility to the chaos, add to your bath, or dab some on in the evening to rest.

Take that time for yourself, a Repose, and not for one second feel guilty about it.

We offer you, Rest, Relaxation & Tranquility, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Repose Perfume.


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Ingredients: All Natural Essential Oils & jojoba

Collections: Magickal Perfumes

Type: Perfume

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