About Wild Witchery

Welcome to Wild Witchery! We are here to offer you sacred tools meant to help you go deeper, connect and advance on your spiritual journey. Wild Witchery was born when two friends decided their personal spiritual journey's could knit together to create a cohesive experience for others. 

Our mission is to help connect you to your inner self. Whether that be the divine in nature, the sacred divinity of the Self, perhaps a Green Witch, Kitchen Witch or maybe even a Traditional Witch. Is there an alchemist, shaman or spiritualist inside of you begging to come out? Or maybe you just want honor Mother Moon. We can offer you doorways to the sacred, to the Magick of the universe. Some seekers will connect via potions, incense & herbs others through the sparkling crystals the earth has spent a millennia creating and yet still others just need a candle. Our pilgrimage, our journey to the sacred, is to support and guide your journey, whatever that path may be, and whatever it looks like for you personally. 

Our philosophy is this: Keep Your Spirit Wild. What this means is that you should never cage your spirit so that you are no longer free to explore your path, your journey. Seek to be mutable and constantly evolving into your best version of yourself, growing and moving towards your most authentic self, and to be unafraid to do so. No matter how winding the path up the mountain is, how dense the thicket became or how dark the forest may be. Stay Wild. Stay True. 

We are constantly updating and adding to our list of tools and items we can offer you, so we are bound to have the perfect thing to suit your purpose and intention that you are currently working toward. And should you ever need assistance with what tools would suit your journey, intention or purpose, please feel free to contact us via email or our Facebook Community Groups. 

 Meet the Witches

Lila Elwood    

Lila has a B.A. in both Religious Studies & Ancient History and has been walking the Pagan path for 18 years. She has founded and headed numerous circles across the country on her travels throughout her life. She has studied Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Runes, Ogham, Dream interpretation, Astral Travel & Traditional Witchcraft. Her path can be described as an eclectic journey through Traditional Witchcraft, Celtic Reconstructionism & a touch of Hellenism. She is incredibly passionate about the history of religions and applies that to her spiritual journey. Lila is the Alchemist of this duo and envisions and creates all the Magickal Perfumes, Skincare & Bath items. 


Mina Renwick

For Mina, her spiritual journey began in 1999 when she was gifted a Tiger's Eye stone ring from her mother. This was the first of many stones Mina would have in her magickal collection(and still her favorite!) Upon receiving the ring she was told that stones have properties to help guide you in life and support you and your needs. That was the start of a love(bordering an obsession) with stones and the beauty each holds. Mina has studied Gemology, Palmistry, Dream Interpretation, Witchcraft & Crystal Therapy. Her Spiritual path can be described as a blend of natural and kitchen witchery with a touch of Hellenism. Mina is the artist of the duo that is Wild Witchery. She creates every single Gemstone Talisman in the shop, weaving her magick into the metals and stone. Mina also sources our crystal and gem collection and advises Lila what stones to use in her magickal creations.  Anything that allows her to use her hands as a Handcraftier of items made from stone, wood, metal, & clay allows her freedom of flowing expression. 


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