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Here at Wild Witchery, we handcraft every single item in the shop. Lila selects only the highest quality essential oils, Indian Attars and Essences to craft her Magickal Perfumes, designed to bring Magick & Intention into your Life.

Mina hand selects every single stone she uses and lovingly wraps each and every one with specific intentions.

Our Skincare line in created by the moon and infused with Gems to bring you beauty and self love.

Every candle in the shop is hand rolled by us, to bring Enchantment into your life and rituals. 

Each tumbled and raw stone is selected for quality, in many cases,we have relationships with the miners who dig these treasures out of mother earth, allowing us access to the highest quality gems.

We create and procure these tools to assist you in your spiritual journey, wherever you are on that path.

Keep your Spirit Wild.  

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