Bay Leaf Wish Candle~For Making Your Wishes Come True

Wishes....we all have wishes. Sometimes wishes are just outlandish statements we know could never come into fruition. But other times wishes are very much within reach, you just need a boost to help get them here.

We've employed the power of bay leaves in this candle for just that purpose. The Bay Laurel tree is sacred to Apollo and it is said that the Oracle at Delphi chewed the leaves and inhaled the smoke when seeking visions, and it's long been known that wishing on a burning leaf helps manifest those wishes.

How to Use This Candle

Remove the Bay Leaf from the Candle, spend some time meditating on your wish, visualizing it EXACTLY. Write your wish on the bay leaf using a paint pen & burn the bay leaf in the candle white speaking your wish outloud. Let the candle burn down. 

This Listing is for one Bay Leaf Wish Candle. We Ritually Create & Charge all our tools in the Olde Ways. 


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