Black Magick Perfume~A Spellwork Blend

Witchcraft + Magick aren't always performed in the light. Sometimes we have to get down into the dirt, crawl on our hand and knees, dig our elbows into the earth, take our hair down, sway our hips and scream out loud. 

This is Black Magick. It doesn't work in the light, but in the dark shadows, where we find our true will, voice and power. If you're journeying through and working powerful spells, or planning a journey, then Black Magick is the potion for you.

Its made with Sandalwood, Pathouli, Ylang Ylang + Vanilla, oils that will not only protect but empower you. We bottle it with a smoky quartz chipstone to empower your spells. 

This Listing is for One (1) 15mL bottle of Black Magick Perfume. We Ritually Create all our Tools in the Olde Way. 


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