Brighid~To Honor the Goddess Brighid

Wild Witchery

Brighid is the daughter of the Dagda, said to be born at the exact moment of daybreak she holds an unusual position as a Sun goddess and is associated with Healing, Poetry and Smithcraft. Women also frequently sought her protection during pregnancy and childbirth.
Her Sacred Day is February 2nd, Imbolc, and She is the warmth and light through the last days of winter, reminding us that even in the cold and dark, life stirs. She is the ultimate feminine power, exuding strength and virtue and ignites our own creative fire that lies within each of us.

Her center was in Kildare, Ireland where 19 priestresses kept her eternal flame in ancient times. This flame was kept all the up until the 16th century when the practice was considered to be too Pagan.

Brighids Perfume is ultra femine and gentle, made with notes of White Tea, Rose & Dianthus. Dianthus is one of the first flowers to emerge in the Spring and corresponds to the element of fire, which is why we chose this classic garden flower to honor Brighid.


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Ingredients: Carnation Absolute Oil, White Tea Perfume Oil, Rose Attar, Cedar Essential Oil.

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