Cathedral Quartz Pendant

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We have *3* of these rare Cathedral Quartz Crystal Pedants available! 

Cathedral Quartz is thought of as a “cosmic computer” or “light library” holding the records of existence for all beings. it makes a powerful crystal for meditation and for access to the Akashic records. Cathedral quartz aligns one with the energies of the universal mind raising and acts as a receptor and transmitter for collective thought. It is believed that Cathedral Quartz makes itself known every two thousand years to aid in the spiritual evolution of consciousness by raising thoughts to a higher vibration. 

This crystal is also very helpful when working with and connecting to the vibration of other crystals. Cathedral Quartz create an energetic link with other crystals allowing for crystalline information to be “downloaded” so the knowledge may be examined and the guidance may be shared with all others. 

This listing is for One (1) Cathedral Quartz Pendant. We ritually create and charge all of sacred tools, in the Olde Ways. 


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