Cauldron Candles~For Honoring the Cycle of Death & Rebirth

Wild Witchery

These Cauldron shaped candles are colored jet black and scented with Witches Brew. They're the perfect addition to your Samhain Altar! 

The cauldron is a symbol of rebirth, the hearth, of abundance and of well being. Ancient Celtic tales tell of cauldrons that that no one ever went away from hungry and cauldrons that, when the dead were thrown into them, would bring them back to life. Cauldrons represent the female aspect of divinity, the womb-where life and death are one. 

Use these Candles to honor the cycle of Death & Rebirth this Autumn, even your own, as we pass into and surrender to the Dark Half of the Year.

This Listing is for one (1) Cauldron Candle, approx 5oz, Ritually created in the Olde Ways.


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