Crystal Ball Planchette Bath Bomb

Our Ouija Planchette Bath Bombs have a new mesmerizing look! 

We color these beautiful bombs plum purple, hand painted with silver details. Finally each one is inlaid with a genuine clear quartz crystal ball! 

Spirit Boards became popular in the post civil war era in America, during the spiritualist movement as a means to communicate with loved ones lost to the war. However the idea & roots behind spirit boards are much older and date to about 1100AD in the form of automatic writing. 

Use these to indulge in a Bathing Ritual prior to or even after working Divination Rituals or Rituals to connect with or contact the Spirits that press against the ever lifting Veil....

This Listing is for one (1) Planchette Bath Bomb. We ritually create all of tools in the Olde Ways, so they will come to you fully charged and ready to work their Magick 

Magickal Ingredients:

Essential Oils: Rose, sandalwood, cedar

Sodium Bicarb,Citric Acid, Shea Butter,Kaolin Cay, SLSA, Cocoa B, Fragrance, FDA Water Soluble Dye- black 


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