Gaia~An Earth Goddess Blend

Wild Witchery

Mother Gaia. To the Greek's she was the Primordial Goddess who was mother to all things and the literal Earth herself. She gave birth to the Titans, The Giants, The Universe. To capture such a force of creation, the Earth herself, I knew I had to find that one special ingredient....

In India there is a small village, Kannauj, which has long been renound for producing beautiful essential and perfume oils. They produce a very special one as well, that can only be crafted one season a year- Mitti Attar,also known as Earth's Perfume. Within this region of India, the dry season is indeed dry, with rain being scarce for months at a time, But when the monsoon season comes, the earth opens herself to receive the rain and it is this scent that Mitti Attar captures. The Earth is distilled into sandalwood oil to capture the very moment the earth releases her perfume- and it is this scent that is the heart of Gaia, the very perfume of the earth herself.

Buried within the earthy scent you will find light florals such as honeysuckle and the fleeting woody scents of Sandalwood and Rosewood. I bottle each batch with a moss agate to ensconce the energy of earth. 

Use this sacred, magickal oil to honor the Goddess Gaia, to deepen your connection to her, establish a relationship with her and tap into her creationist energy

 We Offer you, Gaia, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Gaia Perfume.



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Ingredients: All Natural Essential Oils, Attars & jojoba Oil

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