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Helheim. It translates to The Realm of Hel in Olde Norse. This is the realm of the underworld where many of the dead dwell,  presided over by the fearsome goddess Hel.

We crafted this soap in an eerie shade of grey swirled with ghostly wisps of white, purple and black...like the shadows of the dead swimming in the abyss. 

Each bar of soap has a hand pipped top and a mini tombstone inlaid into each one. 

Helheim is a blend of oakmoss and oak wood blended with orange flower, clary sage and ylang ylang. The resulting oil is deep yet crisp and crafted to assist you on your journey into the shadows. 

This Listing is for One (1) bar of Helheim Soap. We Ritually Create all our Tools in the Olde Way. 


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Type: Soap

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