Hestia~Laguna Agate Talisman for Binding and Inspiration

Wild Witchery

Laguna Agate is by far one of the most highly prized in the Agate family due to its beautiful tight banding and eye patterns, as well as it's red and scarlet colors. Found only in a four square mile mountain rage in Chihuahua, Mexico it is a highly valuable piece to add to your collection!

Laguna Agate holds the ability to bind together- much like Hestia held families together around her hearth, which is how Mina named this gorgeous piece.

Use Hestia to bring your family closer together, or perhaps to assist a romantic relationship. Laguna Agate is also a great stone for aiding Educators, Counselors and Coordinators as it helps pull groups of people and details together.

This stone is also associated with the lower chakras, it has a vibrant energy that sparks a vivacity for life, inspires creativity as well as sexuality.

Mina created Hestia during a waxing moon to bring the energies of growth into her Magick, and we charge and bless all of her work during the full moon so you have a fully energized, enchanted Talisman.

Are you needing to pull a group together or light the fires of your lower chakras? Claim Hestia while you still can  there is only one of her in the whole world...

We offer you, Binding & inspiration, Wild Ones. 

This listing is for one (1) Hestia, Laguna Agate Talisman. We ritually create and charge all of sacred tools, in the Olde Ways. 


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