Hex Breaker Soap

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We wanted to create the ultimate purifying bar of Soap, and while White Sage is great for cleansing your personal energy, its not super effective when it comes to OTHER people sending baneful things your way.

The first powerhouse ingredient on the list is Activated Charcoal. This stuff sticks to anything- whether it be physical dirt on your body, negative energy or magick, its going to bind to it and the water will wash it away.

Next is Angelica Root Essential Oil. Angelica has been used for eons as a means to ward off disease, cure poisoning, and bring blessings upon the home. Especially when bathed with this herb breaks any Magick that has been sent against you.

We top each bar with Himalayan Pink Salt & Hyssop which are used for their purification properties. 

Break Your Hexes, While Ones

This listing is for one (1) Hex Breaker Soap, approx 6oz


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