Indigo Kyanite & Clear Quartz Pendant

Wild Witchery

Indigo Kyanite & Clear Quartz Pendant ~Crystal Necklace~Clear Crystal Quartz Necklace ~Boho Necklace~Bohemian Gypsy Jewelry

This is a gorgeous water clear quartz crystal affixed with an indigo kyanite in tiffany style.

Indigo Kyanite is a rare and beautiful variation of Kyanite. It is a deep almost sapphire blue and has some inclusions of black kyanite.

Indigo Kyanite carries many of the same properties as blue kyanite. The stone never accumulates negative energy and will instantly align your chakras, clearing the energetic pathways in your body. It calms and brings tranquility to the spiritual and physical body.

Clear Quartz magnifies the properties of any other stone it comes into contact with.

This listing is for one (1) Indigo Kyanite & Clear Quartz. We ritually create and charge all of our sacred tools, in the Olde Ways.


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