Labradorite Slabs~For New Moon Magick, Intention Setting & New Beginnings

Wild Witchery

These gorgeous labradorite slabs are polished on one side and have an array of flashes- blue, golden, yellow, green, orange, pink and purple. We’re picky about the quality of our labrdorite here!

Labradorite is a stone of new beginnings, the New Moon, Magick and rebooting your spiritual self, it shines it’s fiery blue light on the path for you to follow. These slabs are the perfect size for you to hold during your New Moon Intention Rituals, or to keep in spell bags or upon your altar. Keeping a piece close will remind you that even in the darkest phases there is a light to guide you to your path.

This listing is for one (1) slab of Labradorite which comes gift bagged in organza. We cleanse and charge all of our stones by the light of the full moon, so it will come to you fully imbued and ready to work its magick.


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