Mānes~The Blend of Shades

Wild Witchery

You gods who hold the domain of Spirits! You voiceless Shades! You, chaos, and you, Phlegethon, you broad silent tracts of night! Suffer me to tell what I have heard, Suffer me of your grace to unfold secrets buried in the depths and darkness of earth…

In ancient Roman religion, the Mānes were honored as shades, or souls of deceased loved ones. As we descend into the season of shadow and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thins, the Mānes begin to emerge into and interact with our world for this small window of time…

 Mānes was crafted to peel back the veil further, to assist your work in the shadows with the Shades of the Dead.  It is a misty blend, reminiscent of a foggy burial ground with fresh roses offered to our deceased. Wear during rituals to honor your beloveds beyond the veil, to divine with the shades and anoint daily to exist between the worlds and to receive the wisdom of the Mānes during this time in between time.

Peace to the gentle shades and endless rest, Wild Ones.



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