Mermaid Soap~For a Mermaid Bathing Ritual

Wild Witchery

    Mermaids – these mystical maidens of the sea have captured the minds of people since time immemorial. Their myths extend back thousands of years with many cultures including the Irish, The Scots of the Orkney Isles & even the Native American Tribe the Penobscot claim descent from Mermaids. Some have even postulated that we descend from mermaids via the Lemurian culture as our original form. Whatever the case may be, the Mermaid is indeed a beautiful, mystical creature with much to teach us.

The Mermaid teaches us to maintain who we are, to retain our independence. Their unabashed beauty and confidence shows us we ARE desirable & powerful, whatever our bodies look like. Working with Mermaids & their Magick requires us to become closer to who we are & honor our OWN truths.

This Mermaid Soap is made with super nourishing ingredients & is scented with my Mermaid Perfume-a fresh scent of Sea Kelp, Lily & Cyclamen. It is colored the Sea Green of the Ocean, imbued with sparkle & topped with a playful Mermaid Tail - mermaids are after all playful & teach us that it's quite alright to let go and be a Mermaid every once in a while!

Wash with this soap to evoke the energy of Mermaid into your Bathing Routine.


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Type: Soap

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