Ostara Ritual Set~To Celebrate the Return of Spring

Wild Witchery

The time of the Vernal Equinox is here. FINALLY. The trees are starting to bud, the birds are returning, the grass is greening, the days are longer, the air seems fresher. Spring has sprung after the long, dark, cold nights of winter.  
    The very name Equinox means equal night, and is the celebration of a physical, solar event, at which the sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night are of equal length, and the earth is about to tip over the threshold to a period of more LIGHT, like an illuminating, sublime reminder that light is returning and always does, to earth. Therefore, the Spring equinox represents new light and life, new beginnings, seeds and paths. 
    It’s important to remember however, while we revel in the newness, freshness and light of spring, that the EQUInox is about BALANCE. At the threshold of new beginnings, it’s important to align yourself and be balanced in both the light and the dark. 
    There is also a connection to the Germanic Goddess Eostre, for which this day bears its new name, Ostara. The English Monk Bede is our only source for this connection, in which he recounts April was called Eosturmonath, & was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honor feasts were celebrated in that month. 
   Our Ostara set has been tailored to bring you some Spring Magick into your life! Included in the Set:
* Ostara Perfume, It is the epitome of spring scents, with florals such as Tuberose & Lilac and fleeting fruits such as apricot teasing the tips of these florals warmed by the gifts of pure tonka bean oil.  This Magickal Perfume is the perfect BALANCE of Light & Dark. Wear this during your Ostara Rituals and throughout the spring season. 
* Ostara Candle, a STUNNING offering to the Spring Season. We rolled 3 sheets of beeswax in the colors of Robin’s Egg Blue, Pink & Cream to capture the bright pallet of Spring. We scent them with a version of our Ostara Perfume- Tuberose & Lilac, and include a beautiful labeled invocation to the Goddess of Spring. 
*A Rose Quartz Egg. Rose Quartz is a nurturing stone, and one of the stones of the Great Mother making is ideal for nurturing yourself as well as your spring intentions. It is also a crystal of balance, balancing our yin-yang energies. Shaped into the universal symbol of fertility, Rose Quartz is excellent to work with at Ostara
*Moss Agate: Moss Agate Connects us to Nature & is one of the quintessential stones of growth- it grows anything; plants, love, money, health. It is also a stone of balance, harmonizing our emotions as well as our bodies & aura. 
*Lastly, we’ve included a Sweet Grass Braid.  Sweet Grass is traditionally used as incense in many sacred ceremonies, purification processes, healing rituals, peace ceremonies, and initiations. We've included it to burned as an offering during your Ostara Ritual, you can also use it to smudge with! 
Celebrate Ostara, Wild Ones.
This Listing is for one (1) Ostara Ritual Set as described above, Ritually Created in the Olde Ways. 

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