Prosperity Set~For Manifesting Abundance

We put this set together of our most powerful prosperity tools to make it effortless for you to manifest total abundance in your life.

First we include our hand-rolled 3-sheet beeswax candle. We start with color magick, greens, golds and yellows which vibrate at the same frequency as abundance. Next, we wrap each layer with Lila's Fortune perfume which is crafted with ancient oils long used to attract prosperity to those who make use of them and sprinkle each layer with herbs of abundance-cinquefoil & patchouli. Finally, this candle is crafted at the waxing moon to grow success into your life and charged under the Full Moon to seal it all in.

Next we include a bottle of Fortune Perfume. Fortune is a blend of essential oils closely associated with money flow and abundance to include Ginger and Bergamot. It is warm, bright and floral on the dry down. Wear daily to attract money flow into your life, anoint candles in prosperity spells with it, anoint the money in your wallet with it, if you have a business anoint your cash register, your threshold even!

Finally we've included two of the most powerful financial flow stones. Citrine and Green Aventurine. Citrine is often called the Merchants stone with good reason!  If you own a business, put the stone in your cash drawer or near your computer, especially if you're largely e-commerce! Keep a piece in your wallet or in the financial corner of your home.  Wear it in jewelry also to attract that gemmy abundance to you! Green Aventurine grows everything it touches, so you definitely want to keep a piece of this in your wallet or a change drawer or jar. Aventurine does not just attract prosperity to you, it causes the things in your life holding you back from abundance to fall away so that conditions are favorable and it is inevitable that you WILL be prosperous.

This listing is for 1 Prosperity Set that includes 1 Prosperity Candle, 1 bottle of fortune perfume, and 1 piece each of Citrine and Aventurine. The set will come to you fully imbued and ready to work its magick!

We offer you Opportunity, Abundance & Prosperity, Wild Ones. 

We mapped out a different Money spell/ritual for each of the auspicious days in May. You can find it here.  

**Please note, due to high temperatures between Jun-Sep, customer ships at their own risk. We do pack candles with cold packs to keep them from getting damaged & we will ship 2 day priority**


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Type: Ritual Set

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