Resting Witch Face Charcoal Facial Scrub

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Do you suffer from Resting Witch Face? I do - but at least your skin can be smooth while you're witchin'.

I craft this with a castile soap, so it has a gentle lather. We also add in tamanu, apricot kernel + tea tree oil for their amazing skin benefits. In particular, they are great for oily skin types. Charcoal + Kaolin Clay soak up and wash away dirt + oil while crushed walnut hulls exfoliate dead skin away. 

Use this scrub 3x a week to reveal glowing skin + Rest your Witch Face. 

DISCLAIMER: This scrub can be messy due to the charcoal. We recommend only using this in the shower and rinsing thoroughly to avoid staining of towels. 

I create Radiant during the waxing moon with intention, and jar each one with a rose quartz to bring you radiant, beautiful skin.

I believe all acts in life can and should be infused with magick, enchantment and spirituality. That is why I create all of my skincare products with intention, in line with the phases of the moon and infuse them with gems appropriate to their usage so your bathing and skincare routine can be enchanted too.

 This Listing is for one (1) 4 oz jar of Resting Witch Face Charcoal facial Scrub 


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Type: Soap

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