Rose Quartz Necklaces~For Love, Passion & Healing

Wild Witchery

These beautiful faceted Rose Quartz Necklaces are simply stunning! 

Beautiful Rose Quartz is THE stone of love and emotion. Use as a heart opener to bring you emotional healing and self love. Are you looking to attract love into your life? Rose quartz is the stone for you! Keep a piece by your bed or in the 'love' corner of your home. If you're already in a commited relationship Rose quartz encourages harmony and unconditional love by sloughing off negativity and replacing it with love. It also guides you to release unexpressed emotions and heartache, releasing what does not serve you. 

Rose quartz also helps you get through transitions, assisting you to accept change. Use while reciting positive affirmations and it will help you remember your intentions. It can open your heart to be receptive to love, happiness and beauty. I know whenever I hold my favorite piece of rose quartz I immediately smile as i soak up its loving energy! Do you need to forgive yourself for something? Accept a change or past event? Do you need to learn to trust yourself again and know that you too are worthy of being loved, by yourself and others? Rose Quartz will guide you to those states. 

We offer you, love, healing & happiness, Wild Ones. 

This Listing is for one (1) Faceted Rose Quartz Point Necklace, approx 1.75in long, chain included. We ritually create all of our tools in the Olde Ways so it will come to you fully imbued and ready to work its magick.


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