Rune Ornaments~To Decorate your Yule Tree with Rune Magick

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Dress your Yule Tree in Rune Magick this Holiday Season! This set includes four handmade rune ornaments. Each rune is ritually burned into birch wood and sealed with clear coat. I selected these runes in particular to invoke their spiritual significance of the Yule and Winter season into your home and Solstice traditions. Winter is a time of going inward spiritually and preparing our spiritual selves for rebirth and renewal in the spring. 

Wunjo: Wunjo brings comfort, joy and pleasure in its wake, along with the promise of prosperity, good fellowship and harmony. It allows us to welcome respite to rest, re-charge and rejuvenate to prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. 

Isa: Winter is a time of rest from outward action, & is a time to focus on the inner spiritual self. Isa teaches us to go within to allow for restoration & renewal of the spiritual self. The seeds are sown & gestating beneath the ice for your rebirth in the spring.

Uruz: Strength. This is the rune of endings, and new beginnings. Winter marks a time when the old year has ended, yet is the passageway to the new. Uruz teaches us that the path to new beginnings may begin in the dark, just as the seeds of spring lay in the frozen, cold dark earth.  Embrace this time of dark winter to allow a new version of yourself to form.

Sowelu: The Sun’s Energy. At the Winter Solstice, the Sun is reborn & becomes stronger every. Single. Day.  It is also the sign of the Spiritual Warrior, harkening a time of regeneration, a voyage inward for centering & seeking balance.

You can purchase one ornament or the complete set of four. 


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