Sacred Smudge Tealights

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The goal of smudging is to make a place clear of lingering energy that is different from what you may be intending for that space. You want to prepare the space for ceremony, the way you would clean your house, cook, and decorate when your family comes for a holiday.
By smudging our space, we are welcoming Great Spirit, the Gods and ancestors to come and share clean space with us as well.
Sometimes burning sage isn't an option, so we've created these beautiful tealights which feature  a blend of of essential oils & high grade fragrance oils & herbs. Each hand-poured candle is  1/2 oz. with an approx. burn time of 4 hours each.
With 4 candles per pack, you are sure to get lots of magickal use out of these special candles. We top each candle with a white sage leaf to ignite new magick & beautiful scent. 


We Offer you Cleansing + Purification 

This listing is for one (1) set of four (4) Sacred Smudge Tea Lights.


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