Sage Smudge Soap

Wild Witchery

Our new Sage Soap is bigger & better than before! Our new molds give you an entire extra ounce of our delicious sage soap.

Sage Smudge soap was created to infuse some Spirituality and Magick into the most basic part of your day: Bathing. Just as we light our sage sticks and smudge our homes and magickal tools - so too can we smudge our bodies while we bathe, and this soap is the newest tool in your arsenal to turn your basic shower or bath into a daily ritual of not just cleansing the phsycial body but to mindfully cleanse the spirit. 

The scent is intoxicating. It's a blend of White Sage oil (which is difficult to source and expensive!) Lavender and Citrus Essential Oils. It is earthy yet also light & fresh. We also add in White & Golden Sages for an extra magickal punch. 

Make your bathing sacred, Wild Ones. 

This listing is for one (1) Sage Smudge soap approx 6oz 


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