Samhain Candle

Samhain is our favorite holiday here at Wild Witchery and possibly within the modern Pagan World. Samhain finds it’s origins in ancient Ireland, where it was believed the souls of the deceased could once again walk the earth on this night.  

Now is the time to commune with our ancestors and spirit guides, to honor the past and pay homage to those whom we owe our very existence too. We dig deep into our shadow selves so we many better integrate that aspect into our life.

 Our Samhain candles are 3 sheets of handrolled beeswax in shades of Black, Crimson & Plum. Black signifies the Death and Darkness to come, Crimson gives us strength to move through the Dark & Plum bestows Wisdom upon us & gives us the gift of Spirit Contact. Finally, Each candle is brushed with our Samhain oil.

Use these candles during your Samhain rituals to call on your Ancestors and Spirit Guides, and place them on your Samhain altar when not directly working with them.

May these tools Bless & Guide you and your space through the Darkness.

This listing is for one (1) Samhain Candle, in your choice of Small (3x5in) or Large (3x9in)-Ritually created in the Olde Ways. 


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