Summer Solstice Candle~For Honoring the Vitality of the Sun

Wild Witchery

Here we are, we have arrived at the longest day and the shortest night of the year. This is the peak of the Solar year and the Sun is at the height of its life-giving power. The Earth is awash with fertility and fulfillment and this is a time of joy and celebration, of expansiveness and the celebration of achievements.

Almost EVERY culture across the globe has marked this day in some manner since the beginning of time and our ancestors around the earth built numerous monuments to commemorate this time. There is no doubt that the Summer Solstice marks an important moment on the seasonal & spiritual cycle.

To honor the Fiery Vitality of the Sun we've crafted our Summer Solstice candles in shades of bright Yellow, Orange & Red Colors associated with the warmth and virile energy of the sun. 

Use these candles in your Solstice Rituals to invoke & honor the power of the Sun.

This listing is for one Summer Solstice Candle in your choice of Large or Small. All of our tools are ritually created in the Olde Ways. 


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