The Rite Perfume~A Sex Blend

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The Great Rite.  A powerful, magickal rite of sexual intercourse, which pays homage to the male/female polarity that exists in all things within the universe. It expresses the physical, mental, spiritual and astral union between man and woman as well as the God and Goddess aspects of the Divine Force.Sex was and is considered sacred.

Beltane is the point on the Wheel of the Year when sexual energy is at its peak. The last, and ultimate, festival of spring, Beltane's Great Rite signals the climax of the intermingling God and Goddess. This culminates in the full rebirth of the Earth in summer's abundant blessings.

I have crafted The Rite Perfume using essentials oils that have a long history as an Aphrodisiac. Neroil sits atop a bed of Sandalwood and Vanilla, bringing a heat to your ritual and firing up the sacral chakra. We Package it in a roller bottle with a genuine carnelian roller ball, a crystal associated with sex and fertility. Use The Rite during the Beltane Season and during your ritual to evoke the sexual energy of the season and harness that in your rituals and spells.

You can also use this to ignite your own sex drive and life if you're working on kindling that desire in your life. 

We Offer You, The Rite, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) bottle of The Rite Perfume, Rituall Created in the Olde Ways. 

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