Labradorite~ For Magick, Intention & Shielding

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The Inuit peoples believed Labradorite fell from the frozen fires of Aurora Borealis due to the amazing light show captured in the stone...

Labradorite is a stone closely associated with Magick, bringing your natural abilities to the surface as well as being used to aid in New beginnings and intention setting, bringing joy into your life, tempering your negative side and encouraging introspection.

It is also one of the most powerful protection stones in your arsenal, shielding the aura and deflecting negativity and misfortune. 

Do you need to tap into your natural magickal abilities? Starting a new or need protection? Labradorite was created by Aurora Borealis, just for you then. 

We offer you, Magick, Intention Setting & Shielding Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) small (1") piece of labradorite which comes gift bagged in organza. We cleanse and charge all of our stones by the light of the full moon, so it will come to you fully imbued and ready to work its magick. 


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