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“I can’t help being a gorgeous fiend. It’s just the card I drew.”

Vampiress. Flawless, Immortal, Powerful, Sexy & Dark. These are the traits of the night creature I have embodied in this blend bearing the name Vampiress. It is an opulent blend of dark rose and hints of earthy patchouli. If you didn’t know, Rose and patchouli were meant for eachother. 

In mythology and folklore, female vampirism tends to embody all the qualities of strong, independent women feared by men of patriarchal societies, so they demonized them into such creatures as Lamashtu, Lamia, Lhiannan Shee & Lillith- demonic fiends who would steal the life from you.

I created this blend to empower you during the dark season, to reach in and grab that inner gorgeous fiend. To shameless embody the dark, the sexy & powerful aspects of your shadow and transform them into that immortal crazy sexy beauty for even just a little while…

Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night, Wild Ones. 

 This Listing is for One (1) 15mL bottle of Vampiress Perfume. We Ritually Create all our Tools in the Olde Way. 

Bottle Color May Vary depending on availability. 


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