Yule Candle~To Honor the Returning Sun

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Yule, The Winter Solstice. This is such a joyous & warm time of year despite the barren and cold earth that lay just outside our doors. And that is exactly what our ancestors aimed for when they began tracking and celebrating this Holy Day.

The Night of the Winter Solstice is the longest Night of the year. This Night was honored and celebrated by almost every culture across the globe at different time periods. The Nords, the Egyptians, The Celts, The Canaanites, The Mayans. When many cultures observe the same day as Holy and Important- we should take note that the day is Powerful & Sacred.

Once widely used at Yule throughout Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, Yule Candles were colored red, green or blue and decorated with sprigs of holly or some other evergreen. Light the Candle on Yule Eve, let its light shed on the festival supper and burn throughout your celebration. 

According to Yule Candle Lore, while the candle burns, it was believed to shed a blessing on the household, it was considered a sign of ill omen or misfortune for the candle to go out or blown out. It was also considered unlucky to move it, or blow out the flame, when the time came to extinguish it, it was done by pressing the wick with a pair of tongs. In some households only the head of the family could perform this task, it being considered unlucky for anyone else to touch it whilst alight.

Our Yule Candles are GORGEOUS. We've wrapped three sheets of beeswax in Red, Green + Ivory and scented them with our Yule perfume. We've included a chant on the label you can use in your Yule Rituals! 

Honor the returning Sun, Wild Ones. 

This listing is for one (1) Yule Candle in Your choice of Large or Small. We ritually create all our tools in the Olde Ways

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