Yule Perfume~To Celebrate the Longest Night

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Yule, The Winter Solstice. This is such a joyous & warm time of year despite the barren and cold earth that lay just outside our doors. And that is exactly what our ancestors aimed for when they began tracking and celebrating this Holy Day.

The Night of the Winter Solstice is the longest Night of the year. This Night was honored and celebrated by almost every culture across the globe at different time periods. The Nords, The Egyptians, The Celts, The Canaanites, The Mayans. When many cultures observe the same day as Holy and Important- we should take note that the day is Powerful & Sacred.

At the Summer Solstice the sun begins its decline, slowly dying through the autumn, and this night is the longest night on the sun’s journey. The sun is setting at its earliest point by this day and to many Pagans, this is the night the Sun dies. Yet It is not a solemn night. No. We light candles, turn the lights on on our Yule Tree’s, have bonfires and stay up all night if we can singing songs and beating our drums to The Sun to encourage its rebirth. And it happens. The next morning we greet the New Born Sun. And from that day forward, the days begin to grow long again, only slightly at first but eventually we will gain minutes a day, and The New Born Sun brings hope that warmth and soon, the planting season, will be upon us.

Our Yule Potion was created with the scents of the season, Wild Orange gives way to sweet Dwarf Pine, lingering on juniper berries and Icy Fir. It invokes the very Magick of the viril and powerful Sun.

Use Yule as a personal perfume through the Yule Season, anoint your candles during Yule Rituals, Stones, feel free to add some to your Bath Water and to anoint yourself during your Solstice Ritual this Season.

The time of Darkest Night is Done, Let us Welcome Back the Sun.

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